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Terms and Conditions of use system service

By registrating into the User accepts these Terms and Conditions of system usage. User also agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Trade name Keteliini, later as Service Provider, is not responsible of the reliability nor validity of the information given within the system. Service Procvider will seek to ensure that the content on this site is accurate and up to date but is not responsible for this site for the information in the correctness, accuracy, reliability, or for damages resulting from this web site for the information in use.

The information submitted by registrated users are partially public for other registered users. This type of public information is: Dog's name, date of birth, gender, profile photo. Users who are not registered are not able to view these, with exception of lists for Breeders and Stud Dogs which information is available also for unregistered users.

Users who have the Kennel tool activated in web service the Breeder list will view kennel's information as follows: Breeder's kennel name, breeds, breeder's name, street address, postal code, city, phone number, e-mail address, kennel's certifcates and awards and additional information if it is given.

Dogs which are marked as stud dog the following information is viewed also to unregistered users: dog's name, date of birth, gender and profile photo.

Web services owned by Keteliini may contain links to sites owned or maintaned by a third party. Service Provider is not responsible for the linked content nor the possible damage of the use of it. Service Provider is not responsible for any comments or equivalent content submitted by service users. Service Provider reserves the right to delete any content submitted to site at its own discretion. Service Provider reserves the right to delete user from the web service.

Service Provider and its affiliates are not responsible for damage caused by the site or the use of information given in it. Service Provider is not responsible for damage caused by interruption or use of web service.

The information submitted to web service the responsibility for ensuring that material submitted is not in violation of third party intellectual property rights or other rights, as well as the fact that the material is not illegal, offensive or otherwise unfit for publication lies with the user.

For example, the image or video material should be created, or otherwise owned, by the broadcaster himself. Otherwise, the submitter has obligation prior to dispatch to ensure that he has the copyright and other rights to the material and the upload of the material has been authorized.

Information submitter is responsible for all costs and damages resulting from claims made by third party, according to which the material sent to the site or its use violates the rights of third party referred to above.

Dogs marked as stud dogs

Service Provider is not responsible for the accuracy of the information given to a stud dog. To make sure that the information is reliable please be in contact with the concerned breed association. More information can be found in the Health programme for canine genetic diseases and defects (PEVISA) and also from breed-specific breeding programmes (JTO). Especially in any unclear case you should always consult the breed association and/or the Finnish Kennel Club.

Service Provider can change, delete or add to the Terms and Conditions, to limit the use of the site or to remove it altogether without notice.